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Dr. Amreesh Khanna DDS, BMedSc., GPR Cert.

Dr. Amreesh Khanna, a proud Albertan and alumni from the University of Alberta and practicing Dentist since 2008 is on a mission. His goal is to reinvent the practice of dentistry and make it a more meaningful, personal and passionate pursuit for dental professionals, while focusing on improving patients lives everyday. With a keen passion for progressive and integrative dental solutions, Dr. Khanna holds true to his core values of “inspire, influence, educate” in all of his pursuits which include the delivery of highly personalized professional and clinical practice training programs (ADEPT). Dr. Khanna is also the founder and CEO of OraQ AI, a cutting edge clinical software designed to bridge the gap between preventative patient care and treatment planning, helping dental practices build deeper, more productive relationships with its patients. In addition, Dr. Khanna founded the Shine Dental Clinic in Edmonton, a student run dental clinic that provides essential treatment for at-risk youth as well as Cause to Smile, a charitable initiative which empowers dental professionals to make a local community impact outside the walls of their clinics.

What I'm Working on

Current Pursuits

From dentist to entrepreneur to philanthropist, Dr. Khanna’s ambitions have led him to spend his time focusing on several pursuits. From cutting-edge dental AI technology to helping other dental professionals optimize their work-life balance and skills, to spending time building a non-profit charitable organization, Dr. Khanna is committed to elevating both the dental industry and the people he works with while continuing to forge new paths forward. 
Cutting edge clinical decision intelligence software for scaling dental practices
Comprehensive business and clinical education for dental entrepreneurs
Uniting the dental industry to do good beyond the walls of our practices

advanced dental entrepreneurship & proficiency training (ADEPT)

take your Dental Business to new heights

1 on 1 Coaching

Hyper-personalized consultation and coaching on your dental career and practice success. 

Dental Education

Gain continuing education credits with ADEPT Education training. Find out more today. 

Peer Advisory

Connecting dental professionals to collaborate with each other on their personal growth journey.

Public Speaking

Invite Dr. Khanna to speak to your professional group on a range of topics from dentistry to leadership.


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Celebrating Excellence in Dentistry: Dr. Amreesh Khanna Inducted as Fellow into the Prestigious Pierre Fauchard Academy

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what drives me everyday

Making a difference in People's live


Dr. Diana Kinyua

Brentwood village dental clinic

“The Fundamentals Program for me worked as a wonderful gateway towards me exploring how to improve my skills as a dentist. I am immensely grateful to have a program that allowed for my learning and applying the knowledge right away.  It was strategically customised for me and my level and this is one of the best things about this program. I had some specific goal of understanding TMJ complications in patients and Amreesh helped me chairside and guided me through the process of recognizing the issue and treating it. This kind of customized teaching was tremendously helpful for me as I have been able to help other patients.”


Dr. Juliana Rodriguez

sylvan lake dental

“The Dental Practice Business Essentials Program supported myself and my partner in learning the business essentials of a dental practice which involved understanding that the dental practice serves your life, not your life serves the practice. We tackled financial reporting, P&L, managing operational KPI’s to align with the dental office financial goals ensuring profitability, and built an HR plan.”


Dr. Rekha Parajuli

Brentwood village dental clinic

“The Goal Mapping Program supported me in establishing a baseline as to what is working and not working in my dental practice and life. Goal Mapping was a game-changer for me.

The Surgical Training Program accelerated my surgical knowledge in performing wisdom teeth extraction on my patients. Plus, i experienced an increase in my confidence, productivity, and billings.”


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